Open Food Lab is an incubator for people, projects, and organizations dedicated to shaping the future of food.

We are passionatly focused on addressing the multifaceted challenges of today's food systems. Open Food Lab support visionary projects and entities aiming to revolutionize food's future, emphasizing sustainable and equitable transformations through project-driven initiatives.


In the face of ever-growing populations, an accelerating climate crisis, and socio-economic disparities, the global food system stands at an inflection point. Our current food infrastructure, borne out of the industrial revolution and further amplified by globalisation, is no longer sustainable. It has resulted in environmental degradation, wasteful consumption patterns, and inordinate levels of food insecurity. The antiquated and often opaque nature of these food supply chains also hinder consumers from making fully informed choices about the food they consume.

As we grapple with these pressing challenges, there is an urgent need for a radical rethink of our approach to food - from production to consumption.

Open Food Lab serves as an innovation platform that strives to address and impact many of the complex issues within the current food system. We are an incubator for forward-thinking individuals, projects, and organizations that are committed to reshaping the future of food. Our mission is to provide a fertile ground for ideas and initiatives that challenge the status quo, aiming to impact the global and local food systems in a sustainable and equitable manner.

At the heart of Open Food Lab are project-driven operations. We run a multitude of initiatives designed to tackle a spectrum of challenges in the current food system.


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